Victory for the Progressive Empowerment Party and the rule of law in T&T

Today the Progressive Empowerment Party received word that the first of sixteen corporations, served with requests for information regarding the illegal vending by KISS Baking Company trading as Coelho’s on the nation’s roadways and highways, has decided to respond through obeying and enforcing the law.

KISS has been served notice that their vending in Point Fortin is ILLEGAL and must cease with immediate effect or their goods will be seized.

The Progressive Empowerment Party’s position has always been that we as a nation CANNOT have one law for big business and another law for everyone else. Simply put, if the average citizen CANNOT sell their merchandise on the side of the road, KISS Baking Company cannot either. THIS is how regional corporations are supposed to function. We consider this a victory for justice.

The PEP now calls on all other corporations to follow suit and obey and enforce the law.

One step closer towards to being a nation actually ruled by law.

Point Fortin Regional Corporation (dated 25 June 2018)
Siparia Regional Corporation (dated: 13 July 2018)