I really never knew who Phillip Alexander or PEP was until a couple of months ago when a video appeared on the main on Facebook. Maybe it was the subject of the video or a comment posted under it that drew me to click and listen, I can’t remember now. However, the next night I looked and listened, and the next.  Where did this guy come from?  What drove him to fearlessly take to social media, not only with excellent plans to fix the nation, but to demand that those responsible for raping the nation be held accountable for their actions? What passion he was displaying for this country that I love so fervently! It did not take more than two or three videos for my own fire to ignite because he was expressing things that I am passionate about. It prompted me to reach out and join to share my skills after just a over a week. I had to get involved, because for the life of me I had never heard any person voice so many intelligent ideas to fix our dying nation and step up to the plate to serve his country. I had to step up too!


I must say though that I really did not want him to cuss after a few videos... even though I cuss comfortably almost every single day to maintain some measure of sanity in the face of the nonsense and decay around me. But why hold Philip to a higher standard? Because I was already seeing him as my representative and felt that while he could draw me in and his cussing may attract the “cuss-buds” to listen, chances are it may deter people who are offended by strong language; and I wanted everyone to hear this man and his ideas, his ALL INCLUSIVE IDEAS that says come let US FIX T&T! This is HOME.


I visited my parents soon after that first couple weeks’ encounter and immediately after the words "dad how yuh going?"  told him, "You gotta hear this man dad, a new political party, a new voice that has real ideas to fix things."  My dad, who in his 77 years has witnessed this country go from bad to worse, and hopes dashed by promises for a better country, responded "They are all the same Suzanne". I replied “No dad, not this guy, trust me and listen.”  He responded that he will take his shower first so he could relax and listen, to which I replied "Nah man, no shower! Listen first. If you shower you will be too comfortable and you will fall asleep". Dad being my dad who will do anything to make his kids happy, sat and listened as I asked and he caught the PEP fever from one video...ONE! He said after watching "Sleep? Nobody could fall asleep while listening to that man! He real good." And so it began, that every night the group at my parents’ house got bigger and bigger, my brother and his family, my young niece and sister and her husband and so on. Philip had our attention because there was no falsehood in what he was saying, only progressiveness for all of T&T. He presented each time real concrete ideas for so many areas in which we are currently failing as a nation.


On Friday 7th July I had to take my 10 year old niece shopping for a swimsuit and we ended up at Movietowne. The little missy said "Aunty I am starving, can we go to Starbucks, because I have never been." Tricks I say to just get to Starbucks LOL but I complied because these kids just amaze me, excellent upstanding young people growing towards becoming exceptional adults. So we stood near the counter trying to figure out what she wanted, when the most calming, gentlemanly, pleasant voice said "Behind you..." to stop us from backing into him. I didn't have to turn around to know that it was Phillip, that voice was unmistakable. Instead, I turned to my  niece and asked "Do you know who just passed? That was Phillip Alexander."  She got so excited "Aunty, aunty, can I go see?"  In our crazy country I would not let her out of my sight so I told her only to the edge of the counter and come back. She came back excitedly telling me that he was pulling a chair to sit with another man.


On driving east to continue shopping because Movietowe had nothing to fit her (not even Starbucks got her attention), she said "Aunty I should have gone and asked for his autograph you know, I should have aunty." She still had Phillip on her mind, talking about him for over ten minutes because she listens to his programmes whenever they are on. He got her attention!! LOL I asked her "What would you have said to him?" She replied "I would have said good afternoon Mr. Alexander, I just wanted to tell you that I trust you!" Her expression when she said it was with one eye squinting closed, brilliant smile in place and pointing her finger in the direction of her imaginary Phillip and stressing on "I trust you” was surely the representation of the ideal candidate to let him know what an incredible job he is doing for our people -- young, old and in-between. I wished she had gone to him and told him this, for Phillip and for her, both encouraging each other.


Last night as my sister and I listened to Phillip passionately talking about his plans and ideas to fix T&T, my sister said to me "Suz, he sounds so genuine, you can really hear his heart in his talks." She said it with tenderness and compassion, almost like she felt pain for him.  And why not? After all it is a HUGE challenge he and all who step forward to work towards a better T&T are picking up.  The force is strong and growing, old and young, we are spreading the word and I hope T&T takes up this chance for real positive change. It won't come around again. There will be nothing left to save if we keep doing the same thing expecting improvement. All of T&T know what is going on, and we need to stop pretending that any of the other parties, past and present, ever wanted to serve our nation, rather they serve themselves. To quote Spock: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one or the few".  It's time to step forward and fight for the future of our country and our nation's children and stop voting by what looks like you...that never works!


And to Phillip: A friend of mine once told me "People don't pelt mango tree that bear no fruit". You and the PEP are bearing fruit in abundance and feeding the people's desire for intelligent change and not just settling for another exchange. The forces will come out to strike at the root and you are surely the root as much as you are the head. Take a look at them in your rear-view, they honestly don’t deserve your energy.  We got a country to save and I thank you for putting hope back in so many of us as we step up with you to face the challenge ahead. Suzanne (PEP's graphics-design team-member)