Why Santa Cruz? A breath of fresh  air, good company, families and friends, the elderly, youth, children, babies and a refreshing message that so many longed for, delivered by PEP Principals on that comfortable Santa Cruz evening. Plus, for those people who love a good roti that was available as well just roti, no Rum. 


The Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) Rally hosted in Santa Cruz was the second of many to come, throughout the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. The crowd had gathered in numbers waiting patiently for the meeting to start and we began promptly at 6:00 pm. As Phillip would say it was a “Miss Mih wid dat” regarding the stereotype of starting on “Trinidad time”. 


This gathering national force brings with it a message of exchanging failure into success, division for unity and equality of nationals into “One Nation under one Flag”, in an enlightened future and this means ALL OF US. The slogan “IT’S YOUR TURN” illustrates how we do things inclusively, to re-imagine our country, facilitate open and candid dialogue and seek societal benefits together, now, and with a clear future in perspective. No light sabers, no slight-of-hand or magic, just open frank and inclusive conversations with a concerned public. We are people just like you, willing to work hard for this country’s survival and security and the PEP needs everyone to contribute to achieve this end goal. 


After we sang the National Anthem, the Panel began by introducing the members seated at the head table and described the Plan the PEP has for our country’s re-emergence. Engaging discussion, highlighted several projections for addressing citizens’ concerns of job loss and creation of job opportunities, housing, aging, healthcare, agriculture, the economy, security, crime and justice. The audience was invited to ask questions and many related how their lives have been affected by this current state of government, revealing specific circumstances. Responses from the PEP panel and keynote speaker ranging on many key topics from the roles and application of our brain trust (defined as the group of advisers to the political leader, prized for their expertise in a particular field), our planning, method and strategies for education, housing, jobs, home ownership, food production health care & security. In gaining 41 seats, will assure progressive, productive management, administration and accountability for the nation and its treasures; the most important of which are its people and their welfare. It will be with diligent use of our nation’s Treasury as well by accurate stewardship of our resources and patrimony, this nation will soar producing a world-class and globally attractive destination rather than a departure lounge of people waiting to leave. 


The children had a say also and highlighted here is one young girl who when the participants were asked to an open microphone by Mr. Phillip Edward Alexander, waited patiently with her hand raised and as the microphone was handed to her, without reservation said;

Mr. Alexander, I heard that you are taking off SEA. I kind of like that because I just sat the exam, and it put a lot of pressure on me, because it determines my entire future just for writing one exam and I may not remember half the stuff in the exam later on in life, so I don’t really know why I sat it. To do an entire life’s worth of work just sitting one paper; instead of working hard during the rest of school, [whispers] I am kind of shy”.

The response from the Panel encouraged, “Don’t be shy, don’t be shy. Are you finished?” She said ‘Yes”.


Phillip Alexander asked for a round of applause and that somebody should give this little girl a hug for being so brave responding to her, “You are an inspiration. That you could say that so eloquently, well done, great job, thank you”.

An 11 year old year old child and what she presented was sheer common sense.  This was heart-warming as two things were evident: 

  1. a. Our children are always attentive and see what is happening to their country and communities and as their future is at stake, they understand what impacts them and need answers and assurance from their leaders, not photo opportunities and broken promises 
  2. b. The inequality and insensitivity many face contribute greatly to a declining standard in our education system while denying the same opportunity to all. 


What a moment, one that awed Mr. Alexander so much that he realized that it must be counteracted with a sensitive and reassuring response. He explained the PEP's plan for education and her future in detail and this explanation bought her not just relief but greater emotions of hope, satifaction and comfort. Everyone was moved by the exchange and the crowd's applause resonated with warmth and a sense of achievement. I,myself, felt so proud, that despite the challenges this nation faces, there is still promise in our future as exhibited by this young lady. This is the reality we need to keep in mind and embrace.


The reality to ensure an exchange of lethargic administrative and governance malaise, devoid of accountability that strongly encourages arrogance at every turn will be swiftly exchanged for our nation’s progressive future. We invite all to attend the “PEP Rally” coming soon to a location near to you


Please stay tuned as we encourage all to participate in understanding ourselves within this society, our rights and liberties in our country and the relationship of, sensitivity to and caring for each other in a clean environment. At our core is the mentoring of a nation on the why and how of our Government and the reason its structure and facilities should ensure efficient management, accountability and administration of our country. We seek permanent SOLUTIONS to historical divisions rather than exploit them outside of national interests. 


It is clear that, the Progressive Empowerment Party’s new 21st century thoughts, ideas and media savvy will inoculate the nation against the unpredictability of the current governmental kabuki. They dance and as we stand by are asked to cheer as they do, so reminiscent of the Colonials and their soirees. 


In preparation for hosting the rally, we realized that the venue was too small and quickly asked for and received larger accommodation for which we thank those who came to our aid. It is from here that we will soar as we build the community of “One People under one Flag”, reminding and re-educating our countrymen about the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago’s Constitution, our right to nationality and education, We will provide assistance to all, a helping hand up instead of empty promises, gilded words, pretentious photo-ops and lofty plans that never get implemented or are exploited.


All in all the night was a success. The PEP Message was clear. For as long as memory serves, Trinbagonians have longed for a fresh original perspective. The PEP offers creative and inclusive administrative organization in the face of what we have now, flip-flop and inadequacy in an administration in free fall, failing its people.


Our preparation for this national work and awareness through the implementation of a “Citizens Bill of Rights” secures us the prospects of: 

  1. a. The Ability to flourish and a mental calm that you would not need a Ministry of Happiness as some nations do. It will be a condition of living here.
  2. b. Homes for our nation’s currently disenfranchised, at a level that places the bus shelters and cowsheds of the past into the dust bin of bad ideas and irretrievable faith
  3. c. Enhanced self-awareness and pride in the dignity of affordable home ownership.
  4. d. A PEP that encourages fair industry, trains or retrains our workforce for manufacture and more creative opportunities in emerging technology markets using clean energy.
  5. e. Jobs in new creative fields evolving from our progress
  6. f. Water and food self-sufficiency to the point of abundance where food products seek foreign export markets.
  7. g. Emissaries and diplomats who compete internationally on your behalf, “The Trinidad and Tobago Brand”, for investment, for market spaces and volume
  8. h. Exporting our archetype methodology and tools and the import of the world brain power to see and pattern how we achieved this 


As we do this your continued participation will make these things a reality.  We need you.