Shamed into action – Carib/ANSA McAl responds

An invitation was sent out to the community after yesterday’s exposure of the Carib Brewery gas leak, for residents to attend a ‘community meeting.’

Carib Brewery Invitation flyerAll of the residents exposed to this gas leak are entitled to compensation for the trauma caused, as well as costs that will cover a proper and full screening based on medical professionals knowing exactly what they were exposed to in case of long term effects.

The community is also entitled to State representation that sets protocols in the event of any such occurrence in the future, as well as a proper factory inspectorate who can determine if what has grown out of the tiny Carib micro Brewery is still safe to operate in such a dense residential area.

I note the 1980 Banana Republic gestapo tactics in the fine print, the provision of ID and the handing over of cellphones to prevent recording of what takes place. Carib/Ansa McAl is clearly more interested in covering up their industrial accident than they are in putting wrong right. I in a developed nation this strong arming would be resisted.

The MP for the area should have met with the residents and helped them to organise themselves into a community group which can then negotiate with all commercial entities in the area for their own safety and peace of mind.

To date, not a word of the accident nor an investigation into this attempted cover up has been carried in any version of local media despite the accident taking place five days ago. Not one word from any State office. Without the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) would the nation even have known that this catastrophe occurred at all? Without the PEP, would Carib be hosting this meeting with the residents?
Real representation is not about doing what’s popular but about doing what’s right!

It is time all of our institutions, including political organisations, started working in the best interest of the people, the environment and the nation as a whole, so that a better day for all could be a reality in our near future, and end this failed state banana republic path we have been on for so long.

Not one spokesperson from either the PNM Government or the UNC opposition have spoken on either this issue or the profiteering stunt attempted by Massy over the plastic bags, begging the question: For whom do the PNM and UNC really work. Who does the elected Parliament think they are there to represent?

The PEP will continue to monitor what comes out of this meeting and encourage ALL residents to sign nothing until we have had an opportunity to have our lawyers look it over so as to protect their rights to remedy should any such need arise.

Phillip Edward Alexander
Interim Political Leader
Progressive Empowerment Party