Christoph Samlal, PEP Candidate for Barataria in the upcoming Local Government Elections, July 2018


You have spoken and we listened! Born out of the cries for political change and an alternative to the UNC and the PNM, the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) has put their money where their mouth is and will be contesting the Local Government Elections on July 16th. Given the opportunity, I promise hard work and diligence geared towards serving you, not just from myself, but from the entire force of the PEP who has entrusted me to be your local representative.

I am San Juan born and raised and come from a family well established in business and the church in the San Juan/Barataria area. As a 25 year old, I think that I can not only give a voice to the younger generation, but my youthful vigor will give me a competitive advantage to manage the amount of case work that the job of a councilor entails. I am a self-made, full-time photographer who is willing to drop the progress I have made thus far in setting up my very successful business for the sake of serving my community because I firmly believe that we cannot reach far as a community by leaving others behind — to progress, we must do it altogether!

Upon the formation of the Progressive Empowerment Party, I was naturally drawn in by the Organisation’s unquestionably practical and realistic policies that I wholeheartedly believe would help steer our nation in the direction of progress for all. Since then I have dedicated my time and energy towards actively participating in the Party’s build out, while working towards this opportunity to serve my country through service to my community. I use this opportunity to encourage all to firstly become aware of the importance of Local Government Elections as it relates to your community upkeep; to identify and discuss your community needs; and recognise the power that your vote holds in choosing the right representative who will work with vigor to guarantee that those needs are realized.

Continue to demand better and we promise to do all within our capacity to make it happen for you. Stay posted and be sure to follow the PEP Barataria/San Juan Facebook page for meetings, walkabouts and as a means to contact me, your PEP candidate, and others of the Progressive Empowerment Party. Your Humble Servant,


Christoph H. Samlal

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Age 25  (DOB: August 9th 1992)
Address: Santa Cruz Old Road, San Juan
Educational Background: St. Mary’s College – CAPE exams
UWI, St. Augustine – B.Sc. in Mathematics and Statistics
Work Experience: Photographer (October 2009 – present)

Cover events such as carnivals, fashion shows, concerts, parties, etc., for both locally and regionally. Covers private and corporate events through privately owned entrepreneurship, “Christoph Samlal Photography”. Past house photographer for three nightclubs: The Dungeon, The Loft and Amnesia, and current house photographer for Silhouettes Lounge.

Part Time Tutor (August 2009 – December 2017)
– Volunteer tutor with the San Juan Nazarene Worship Center, tutoring secondary school students (Forms 4 and 5) as well as adults who wrote January CSEC examinations.

– Co-Founder and mathematics teacher for Edufast Learning Resource Center in Aranguez, tutoring forms 1 to 6 in Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Pure Mathematics

Self-Description: Motivated, personable young man with a track record of a hard worker. Possess a natural talent for reasoning and relating in a respectful and tactful manner with persons at all levels and age groups. Flexible and versatile — able to maintain a sense of humor under pressure. Poised and competent with a demonstrated ability to easily transcend cultural differences.