Citizens hurt and traumatised over gas leak

Port of Spain (PEP Media Release) – The Progressive Empowerment Party notes with alarm the collapse of Government and State Officials in the face of the industrial gas leak that took place at Carib Brewery on 12th May 2018 at 7:00 pm. This leak has traumatised and put at risk so many of our citizens, yet to date not a word has been spoken to allay fears that what they may have been exposed to is not harmful to short or long-term health.

Not one word from the Company to calm the anxious residents, nothing from the Environmental Management Authority, the Ministry of Health, the Regional Corporation, the Member of Parliament, not one word in any branch of media, in what appears to be a deliberate protocol of deny and cover up.

We believe this to be totally unacceptable and call on the Government to take action against all those who abandoned the people of the surrounding communities in this time of crisis, and through the Ministry of Communication or the Office of the Prime Minister, give guarantees of both an investigation into what took place and, more importantly, assurances that such glaring acts of conspiracy to deny and cover up would not be tolerated in the future.

There was urgent need for a ‘Don’t Panic’ release in the media, via SMS messages and with the use of loud speakers to calm the fears of the citizens left anxious and abandoned.

This entire matter is a fiasco and another example of the complete failure to govern, which has been the hallmark of important offices of State for far too long.

The people of this country have rights to proper representation. What occurred on May 12th and since is not that.

The Progressive Empowerment Party calls on the Government to launch an investigation into everything surrounding this matter, and to apologise to the residents for any and all inconvenience and anxiety caused.

Phillip Edward Alexander
Interim Political Leader

Janice Learnond-Criqui
Public Relations Officer