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Our team is made up of vibrant, like-minded individuals, whose collective goal is to contribute to the advancement and betterment of Trinidad & Tobago. We always welcome volunteers and patriots alike, who are willing to serve on any of our committees/teams that include:

  • National Executive
  • Constituency Executive
  • Constituency Representative
  • Youth Arm
  • Women’s Arm
  • Security Team
  • Events Committee

Why Volunteer?

The Progressive Empowerment Party is different from any other party that has emerged in the past decade, not only in its principles, but also the fact that we are mainly comprised of ordinary citizenry. We believe that citizens should have a say in how they are governed, so we invite persons to volunteer to serve within our organisation and help advance the vision and mission of the PEP.

Sign up below to volunteer your services for any one of the committees/teams above or send an email to for more information.

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