It’s official: Samlal and Holder are the PEP’s candidates in the Local Government Bye-Elections

Port of Spain (PEP News) – Felicia Holder and Christoph Samlal, the Progressive Empowerment Party candidates in the upcoming Local Government Bye Elections scheduled for 16 July 2018, today officially filed their applications to contest the two seats in the areas of Belmont East and Barataria respectively.

“People are desperate, they want real change […], the same PNM and UNC politicians are coming now to tell us about solutions. Where were these solutions for the past 55 years?” this said Ms. Holder, Candidate for Belmont East, in an interview after registration this morning.  She further went on to state that “Having a disability myself I understand the challenges of the disabled, sidewalks not furnished to accommodate them, roadways not paved properly, the youth crying out for proper recreational facilities, they need to grow up in a community where they feels safe.” She concluded that “the people’s fight is my fight, we are doing this together!”

Ms. Holder is currently the Chairman of the Progressive Empowerment Party and holds a BA in Human Communications and English Literature from the University of the West Indies.

Mr. Samlal, Candidate for Barataria, speaking to the media said, “Since we started the campaign over a week now and being on the ground, the main response we get is that most people want a 3rd option or they are just not interested in politics. We are here to provide that 3rd option and to give them that voice because they have been calling out for it for a long time ago.”  Samlal also went on to say that as opposed to just doing the job that is expected of a Councillor “we also want to rebuild the community through social programmes”, as a way to lift some pressure off of the services like police and teachers, and have as the end result, a community that can take responsibility for itself.

With a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of the West Indies, Samlal co-founded the Edufast Learning Resource Centre in Aranguez where he tutored forms 1 to 6 in Additional, Applied and Pure Mathematics and was also a volunteer Math tutor with the San Juan Nazarene Worship Centre for forms 4 and 5 students.  He is a professional photographer and covers private and corporate events through locally and regionally.

Consistent with its message of contesting all elections as soon as they are called, the Progressive Empowerment Party has now firmly established itself as the country’s freshest and most viable political choice.

For more information please contact:
Janice Learmond-Criqui, Public Relations Officer
Phone: +1 868 7404120