Membership cards launched

Finally, the long awaited official PEP Membership Cards are here and guess what? COLLECTION STARTS THIS SATURDAY! Yup.

ALREADY SIGNED UP? Then contact Gizelle Jordan-Young, Sateesh Ramsaran or Felicia Holder for more information as to where and when you can collect your newly minted ‘official’ PEP Membership Card.

NOT YET SIGNED UP? What are you waiting on? Feel free to come to ANY of our Saturday meetings and get your membership organised, or contact any of the team members.

MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS ADVANTAGES! Pretty soon your PEP Card will also be a discount card as well as many other ways to make your life easier. So what are you waiting on? For more info call 347-4PEP

THE BUSINESS ADVANTAGE! We are compiling a list of businesses who would like to offer rewards or savings to the thousands of PEP card holders. Your small incentive will in turn boost your business activity as more customers will flock to your doors vs your competitors. If you would like to add your business, give us a call at 347-4737 or email us at