PEP’s Social Arm

The Social Arm is a special branch of the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) which acts as the heart of the Organization. It is a hub which allows citizens to contribute to our society through community work whilst advocating for the alleviation of the social ills which lay the foundation for many of the problems plaguing our nation.

The PEP recognizes that Trinidad and Tobago’s socio-political make-up is a uniquely diverse blends of cultures, ethnicities, traits and faiths and they have been used as divisive tools to disrupt unity and nationhood amongst our citizen brothers and sisters. Therefore our approach and method is to support the development of the nation by emphasizing Social Development and Management at the forefront of national governance. In order to achieve this, the PEP plans to adopt policies aimed at practical representation and social justice which will be impartial. The plans, initiatives and programmes enacted will be meaningfully measured to monitor their effectiveness. The PEP’s Social Arm also promotes the funding that will support these objectives which will be continuously monitored for transparency and accountability.

Some tenets of the PEP Social Arm include:

  • All citizens be given the opportunities to grow, explore their innate creativity, develop their own skills and contribute to their families and communities in a meaningful way.
  • All citizens have access to housing in order to “put down roots” since without a decent place to live, it is difficult to function as a productive member of society.
  • Invest in families since the success of families influence the level of societal elevation experienced by citizens.
  • Promote and invest in the development of a population that is healthy, well-educated and trained as they would be best able to enter the workforce and earn a living that will support at least their basic needs.
  • Institute accountable programmes for the elderly as well as citizens with disabilities that will cater for their health and well-being.
  • Facilitate the access and provision to psychological services for those afflicted and in need of short- and long-term mental health care and support.
  • Promote and develop a nurturing culture for the nation’s environment where animals’ rights and the environment are given special emphasis on their value and their protection.

The PEP is of the firm belief that the success of a society is dependent upon the practice of good governance whereby the “well-being of each and every citizen” is the driving force guiding government’s decisions. The PEP Social Arm is also of the view that good citizenship is not solely the responsibility of the government and as such we have created five branches of the PEP Social Arm which treats with social advocacy and civic contributions. They are:

1. The Gender Arm
2. The Elders Council
3. The Animal Rights Group
4. The Youth Arm
5. The Environmental Arm

The PEP Social Arm invites the national population to support the call for the prioritization of the country’s social development and the adoption of more holistic, supportive and inclusive policies, programmes and ideas that will enhance the lives of all of our citizens and their surroundings.

Please reach out to the team through any of our communication channels and add your voice and support to improving the lives our people, both now and in the future.

Sarah Nabbie
Interim Deputy Political Leader and
Head of the Social Arm