PEP Women's Arm

The PEP Women's Arm is a special branch of the Organization that targets the female citizenry. It's main goal is to encourage, create and advocate for substantive representation and contribution regarding women and their related issues in the national conversation and operation of Trinidad and Tobago.

The PEP recognizes that this country's socio-politico-cultural past is one where women's voices, opinions, participation and control over their lives and the issues that matter to them are greatly determined and affected by other groups. Despite strides in human rights, freedom and opportunities for women, this progress is significantly lacking in Trinidad and Tobago.  The establishment of the Women's Arm in the Party's early formation is a response to address this gap. 

The Party's hope is that its Women's Arm shall act as a constant, welcoming and accessible means for the nation's women to contribute, participate, inform and guide the Party in its policies and legislative amendments and their impact upon the daily lives of women. 

Currently, the Women's Arm has identified these critical issues which are in need of amendments to accommodate the needs of women in Trinidad and Tobago: 

  • Education - specific attention to functional literacy rate among the female population;
  • Security - especially in areas of domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual abuse;
  • Healthcare; and
  • Housing.

The Women's Arm invites the national population to support the call for women to engage in the national conversation surrounding their politics. Please reach out to the team in any way you wish to add your voice in improving the lives of our women, both now and future.