Public meeting at Piggot’s Corner and presentation of Candidates for Local Government Elections 2018

Port of Spain (PEP News) – The Progressive Empowerment Party invites the public and Media to a frank and honest political exchange, this Saturday 16th June 2018 at Piggot’s Corner (corner of Belmont Circular Road and St. Francois Valley Road in Belmont) at 6:00 pm.

We, the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago have had enough of the dry taps and leaking water mains; deplorable roads and garbage collection; severe flooding during the rainy season; Missing Person (MP) until elections are near; piss poor health care; crime and corruption at its highest, to name a few of the ills that plague our nation. To this end we have put forward two candidates in the upcoming Local Government Elections, carded for 16 July 2018, to contest the seats in the constituencies of Belmont East and Barataria respectively.

Both candidates will address the meeting with other featured speakers, including Phillip Edward Alexander, Interim Political Leader of the Progressive Empowerment Party.

Candidate for Belmont East, Felicia Holder, is a home grown girl with a passion for her community and wants to see first world development and service delivered to her neighbourhood. She is rolling up her sleeves and getting on board to bring this about for the love of her community. A friendly and outgoing person, she is focused and driven to achieve her objectives, and right now her objective and focus is a better Belmont East, heralding a better Belmont and soon, a better Trinidad and Tobago. A vote for Felicia is a vote for real honest change that lifts the conditions of all and repositions Belmont East to a better today and a brighter tomorrow.

Barataria Candidate, Christoph H. Samlal, is a driven, dedicated and patriotic soul. He knows the ins and outs and rights and wrongs of his community, and wants more than anything to see systems of governance that serves the people and improves the lives of all. A vote for Christoph is a vote for someone approachable, reachable, and, most importantly, capable.

The residents of the constituencies are encouraged to come out and hear the proposals of the Progressive Empowerment Party which will bring this nation to 1st world status, how it impacts on each of our lives, and meet and hear from the representatives ready to work on your behalf to build a better T&T, starting within the communities.

Give yourself a better chance, vote yourself a better community and country! Vote the Progressive Empowerment Party!

Janice Learmond-Criqui
Public Relations Officer
Progressive Empowerment Party