Who we are

The Progressive Empowerment Party is founded on the need to vacate the politics of division and create a pathway to real and lasting national unity among all the diverse creeds and races that make up our multi-ethnic society. Our Party’s slogan is “One people under one flag,” and it is to this first overriding principle that we dedicate our efforts.

We believe that the wellbeing of the citizenry is the primary function and purpose of government. We believe that Parliament and the representation of the people are sacrosanct and a high calling, but that the power must always reside with the people. It is to this we dedicate our first four items on our legislative agenda.  Read more

PEP Media

De 411 programme image De 411 brings a medley of serious and fun as guests take the hot seat for one-on-one interviews; snippets on what’s happening around the country; plus fun facts to empower you. Look out for the series which airs on Tuesday at 8:00 pm on facebook.com/peptrinbago.

FRONTLINE imageEvery Thursday at 8:00 pm lock on to FRONTLINE, where we engage you with topics related to nation building. Guests bring their unique perspectives and technical expertise on facebook.com/peptrinbago. Past episodes available on our Youtube channel.

PEPTalks thumbnail image PEPTalks with Phillip Edward Alexander airs week-days on facebook.com/peptrinbago. Phillip’s lively discussions take the viewers through all the ills that plague our twin-island Republic in spite of all the natural resources with which we have been blessed. He provides cutting edge solutions that will bring T&T to developed nation status.

PEP Radio imageTune in to PEP Radio, one of our many tools to get the information to you, the public. This service is 100% web based and needs an internet connection to run. Download PEP APP from your app store to access PEP Radio and a host of other PEP tools.

coming soon imageLook out for PEP Media Desk to be launched later this year. Also in the pipeline is our e-newsletter “the PEPper Source”. Sign-up with the PEP to get on our mailing list for issues. Feel free to contact us to advertise your business in any or all of these medium (some restrictions apply).